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LAQVID 2023 Master Path


Have you worked hard and are you ready to take the next step in your Nails career? Do you love our products and share our philosophy and values? This is a unique path, which will prepare you at 360 degrees: from manicure techniques to salon reconstruction, product chemistry, from the teaching method to marketing management and the issues of opening a VAT number

Are you ready to open this door?

When and where?

The course lasts approximately 3 months.

Offline part: 20-23 April 2023 in Rome.

Online part: 1 meeting in webinar format for the next 2 consecutive months.

But the program?

- Notions of dermatology
- Notions of anatomy
- Notions of chemistry and the most appropriate choice of product in relation to the type of nail
- Equipment and materials
- Which files to choose
- Which tips to use and how to speed up obtaining the desired result
- Explanation of product removal quickly and safely
- Sterilization for salon equipment and different methods of carrying it out
- Explanation and demonstration of the dry technique without scissors
- Explanation of the Combi technique with scissors and clippers
- How to adapt different techniques according to skin type.
- Common mistakes in technique and dangers
- Perfect cuticle in safety
- Obtaining the perfect reflection

But also, we learn how to teach:

- Reconstruction of Almond, Square and Ballerina shapes,

- French wall,

- Nail Form and filing schemes.

And also:

- How to open the VAT-Lesson with THE accountant of LAQVID
- How to best sell your service and Outline of marketing
- A good use of the social medium
- Macro photography lesson, use of light and use of backgrounds.

During the course there will be no scores - the title of Master will be obtained by each person who will be pre-selected for the course.

In short, you will be completely ready to face your new profession!

But what does it mean to be a LAQVID Master?

- You will be entered on our site as a MASTER: the students will be able to choose you on the basis of your geographical position.

- You could teach our techniques either individually, for groups, or online with the release of the LAQVID certificate.

- You will participate in the development of all the LAQVID news and you will have access to updates of techniques and front row products.

- You'll get 30% off our entire line with no purchase limit.

Who can participate?

The participants will be chosen by us on the basis of experience, we kindly ask you to fill out the form, quoting your social profile where we can see your work, after which you will be contacted by us for further information.

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

The course costs 1790 EURO (VAT included), free LAQVID kit and STALEKS PRO EQUIPMENT - value of the kit over 200 EURO!

The price does not include accommodation, but we will help students get the best price from the establishment where the course will take place.

You will have various payment options and methods including payment in installments: 5 installments once a month without interest. On the other hand, those who pay all the advance will receive a 10% discount.


Sabrina Scuccimarro-Senior Master Educator, the nail technician qualifies the Lazio Region, International Champion,

Patrizia Castellano-Senior Master Educator LAQVID, the specialized beautician, the qualified nail technician,

Evgeniya Gashnurova-Art Director LAQVID, the Lazio Region qualified nail technician.

842 Beech Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Monday - Friday
12pm - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday
12pm - 5pm

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